Giving Back to the Community Using LumoPro Gear

This is a guest blog by Daniel T. Jester. All images used with permission.

Community is always a big part of a photographer’s life. Photography tends to be a hyper-local endeavor, and the community where you work and live is often your source of inspiration, clients, and lasting relationships – both personal and professional.

I work as a professional commercial photographer in Riverside County, CA. The team I work with recently connected with the local chapter of Help Portrait to offer our skills and services back to the community. We planned a local event where we offered free portrait sessions, complete with hair and make up services, photography, retouching and refreshments.

My small part in planning this event was to lend my expertise in lighting, process, and workflow, so that we could offer this experience to as many people as possible.

The original plan was to ask volunteer photographers to provide their personal equipment to the event. We needed enough lighting and grip equipment to build out four portrait sets. As we started gathering lists of what everyone had, it occurred to me that in order to create the smoothest, easiest experience for our guests, we should standardize our equipment wherever we could.


That’s when I turned to my friends at LumoPro. I love my LP180 flashes, and if there is one thing I know about LumoPro, it’s that I can trust them. LumoPro generously lent us enough LP180s, light stands, background stands, and miscellaneous grip equipment to put together four identical sets. All we had to do was plug one of our photographer’s cameras in to each set, and they could start shooting portraits.

Family BTS

The event was a massive success, due in no small part to LumoPro’s support. The team at LumoPro came through, the equipment performed beautifully, and we were able to process over 80 portraits sessions over the course of a few hours.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.


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