Double Flash Bracket Review with Nick Kilford

This post originally appeared on Love to Light. All images by Nick Kilford. Used with permission.

It’s easy as a speedlight shooter to be frustrated by the lack of available modifiers. It is one of trade-offs when using small flashes – the modification options can be small, fiddly or ineffective. While there are some superb options out there, sometimes you just want to go BIGGER.

You could stick with an umbrella. It’s a tried and true option that offers quite a bit of versatility. But if you want more control over light spill, or if you already have softboxes you use with studio lights, you’re eventually going to want to mount those speedlights in a standard softbox.

LumoPro Double Flash Bracket

The LumoPro Double Flash Bracket, in all its glory. Photo by Nick Kilford

Enter the Double Flash Bracket. This unassuming little piece of engineering allows you to use small flashes with big modifiers. Photographer Nick Kilford recently shared his thoughts on the Double Flash Bracket on his blog, Love to Light.

“To sum it up, the LumoPro Double Flash Bracket is a nifty little tool at a reasonable price that will allow you to not only take full advantage of the softboxes you may already own, but also gives you more options when it comes to preparing for a shoot.”

Close up of double flash bracket variable shoe

Variable shoes on the bracket’s adjustable arms fit any speedlight. Photo by Nick Kilford.

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