New from LumoPro – LP BLACK Collection

We are thrilled to announce our newest release of the line of game-changing products from LumoPro. Coming soon is the LP BLACK Collection.

This limited edition collection consists of a range of all black lighting products with a revolutionary sable finish – for the photographer who wants to stand out. LP BLACK products feature sleek design with an onyx surface that will set your kit apart.

Each product is specifically designed for extreme low visibility, with the noir patina keeping others on set focused on you, and not your gear. The LP BLACK Collection’s innovative formula is made with 100% pure dark matter, sourced from supermassive black hole 3C75.

LP BLACK Collection

Current product selection in the LP BLACK Collection

We studied thousands of variations of black to find something powerful, but not ominous. Toned down, but not gloomy. Shadowy, but not somber. We think we’ve gotten it just right with the LP BLACK Collection.

LumoPro product designers were fully committed to making this collection a radical edition to the LumoPro line. They spent dozens of hours cloistered in closets, buried in basements and engrossed by Earth’s ether to find that pitch-perfect black.

LP BLACK Collection

Grip gear from the LP BLACK Collection

Each piece of the LP BLACK Collection features an Auto-Sensing Stealth Mode, which will automatically activate the ink-like coating to allow your gear to blend into even the darkest abyss.

“We constantly hear from photographers who are tired of flashy lighting equipment that distracts their assistants and their clients,” says LumoPro Brand Manager, Janae Miller. “The LP BLACK Collection solves that problem with a range of top-quality, pitch-black lighting products that fade right into the background. Unless it’s white.”


LP BLACK Collection products in a studio setup

The LP BLACK Collection currently consists of six products, but there will be more pieces added to the line later this year. So add a sense of mystery and sophistication to your next photo shoot with the LP BLACK Collection from LumoPro.

***WARNING: LP BLACK is so black that it may cause a complete absorption of visible light. You may be required to increase your flash’s power level when using LP BLACK products.

The LP BLACK Collection will be available starting on April 1. Find more information at

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