Quick Tip: Flash Zoom Won’t Change?

So you have a LumoPro flash. Congratulations! You’ve officially joined the “LumoPro Fan Boys/Girls Club! (Meetings are bi-weekly. Make sure you bring snacks.)

As you are checking out every detail of your shiny new flash, you notice something. The zoom setting isn’t changing. You push buttons. You turn it off and on again. You shake the flash vigorously. But, nothing.

Have no fear! Your flash is perfectly fine, and you can fix this little hitch with one simple step. Just push in the wide angle diffuser on the top of the flash!

LumoPro Flash Diffuser LP180 LP180R

That pesky little flash diffuser!

When the wide angle diffuser is engaged, your LumoPro flash automatically sets the zoom to 14mm. On your flash’s LCD display, you will see a flash head icon appear whenever that diffuser is out. You won’t be able to adjust the zoom while the diffuser is engaged.

LumoPro Flash Diffuser Icon LP180 LP180R

Just look for the flash head icon

If you run into this situation, pull the diffuser out and then push it all the way back in until you hear and feel a click.

LumoPro Flash Diffuser LP180 LP180R


Once the diffuser is replaced, the flash head icon will disappear, and you’ll regain control of your flash’s zoom setting.

LumoPro Flash Zoom Settings GIF LP180 LP180R

Look at all those zooms!

If you have any questions about your flash, contact our stellar customer service team at support@lumopro.com.

3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Flash Zoom Won’t Change?

  1. Just thought I would give you a heads up … this was giving me a headache and I had to stop reading your blog.


    At your website listed above, you have 4 images at the top that rotate at approx 4-5 seconds. One of the images is not the same size as the others, so the ENTIRE web page “bounces” while reading.

    Just scroll down a bit to read an article and view it for few seconds. You will notice that the text moves up/down every 15-20 seconds. Very difficult to read.

    Just an FYI. Maybe your website author missed this. Simple solution … resize all images in the rotation the same size.


    October 21, 2016


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